Take control

With a NVme admin dashboard, you and your team can manage every detail of your business from anywhere, at anytime. Even from a phone!

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Admin Dashboard
Speed up daily tasks

Invoice faster and get paid faster

Quickly and easily add invoice items from anywhere. After visiting a customer you can add the charge to their account with a few clicks as you leave the building.

No need to spend your evenings invoicing anymore!


Customised Exports

Produce the figures for your accountant with a single click. Compile a list of customers in a certain area. Print a list of your top-sellers. All in seconds.

Everything fits

Everything is bespoke

There's nothing on your dashboard that you don't need to see. There are no options you don't use. Only the features and data you need.

make the change

better together

The NVme Dashboard can handle your internal communication too - ensuring that files and sensitive data isn't exposed to the public domain, and your employees aren't distracted from outside communication.

Share files, collaborate, group chat, send tasks, to-do lists and more.


Our Core Features


Data Clarity

Clearly see only the data that you need to see, and perform regular tasks quicker and more easily.


Cut your costs

Remove the need for many external systems with something that fits.


Ready for anything

Bolt on new features whenever you need them because nobody knows what the future holds.

Frequently asked Questions

There's a lot to take in - we know!

What can the system do?
Actually - pretty much whatever you need! Every dashboard is bespoke from the ground up, so it only has the options you need to see. The features are all modular, so bolt-ons are no problem at all.
Some of the core features are customer management, full-featured emailer, e-commerce management, stock management, team notifications, invoicing, accounting, outside integration, website content updating - but there is so much more!
How long does it take to set up?
It's not overnight.

Depending upon the complexity of your needs it could take some time to fully take over your existing systems. But as each module of the dashboard comes online, things will get easier.

A startup company with nothing in place could easily be up and running in a month - but an existing company could take a year cycle to fully move over.

All the more reason to get started today...
Is support included?
Of course. When you need support, we're alerted through our own dashboard and we'll be right back to you with a solution. Staff training is also available for more complex integrations - but usually the system is self-explanatory.
How do we backup our information?
This is all done for you depending on your package. But should you wish to export any data at any time, that's not a problem.
What are the advantages of integrating a single system instead of outsourcing separately?
Things are stronger together. When a customer calls you, your team can quickly pull up their customer record showing purchases, payments, notes on previous contact - you could even tell when they opened your last newsletter, or if they mainly use a computer or a phone to connect with you.
Is it secure?
Everything is held on our dedicated server - or the system can be installed to your own server. This means that all content is under your control, and no company comms are sitting on whatsapp servers somewhere out of your reach.

Encryption is available for any sensitive data stored too.