Capture every angle

with a huge array of filming options

Natural Interviews

with crystal clear audio

We're ready for anything!

and we love being creative

Complete production

We can help with every step of the production, including publishing.

Get a new angle

Drone Videography

Crystal clear audio

Natural Interviews

Capture it all

Fast Action

Complete Production

YouTube Content

Portable Setup

No power needed! We can set up anywhere, quickly and with a small footprint.

Powerful workstations

Our editing machines are extremely powerful, making editing times as short as possible.

Audio Production

Over 20 years audio engineer experience means the videos sound perfect too.

Ready to use videos

Video content can be exported ready for any use - for websites, for social media or for public display.

No access? no problem!

We can shoot long distances too - we don't need to be near the action.

360 video capture

We can capture 360 degree video too - making virtual tours incredible.

Lights, camera action

We have various lighting rigs ready for any eventuality.

Digital delivery

Download your finished files from us with no need for a physical copy.

No job too small!

Get in touch with your ideas - we love getting involved in exciting projects.

Are you happy filming, but can't stand the Editing?

We understand your pain! Without the proper equipment and software it can take too long. But we're here to help! Bundle your content to us and we'll do the rest.

We visited Max Comley Racing to check out his new yard.

We film and edit all of the MAM Journals YouTube content.

Some clips of the cross country element of 3-day eventing.

A 360 tour of this horsebox living area.

A detailed tour of a Bentley Continental for an AutoTrader Advert.

A horse preparing for showjumping training.